April 2, 2024

By Blair Blake


Featuring a portrait of the hooded Crowley as “The Silent Watcher”, the shirt’s overall design is suggestive of a magical ritual (involving death simulation and the premature release of an endogenous substance) specifically timed to coincide with the plummeting brightness of the eclipsing ‘binary’ Algol star configuration (i.e. algolrhythm). At a distance of 93 light years, Algol (Ra’s al-Ghul) was known in ancient star lore as “the most evil, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens.”Winking balefully in the heart of the deeps, the blinking “Demon’s Head” holds yet another curiosity. To the “Silent Watchers”, the famous “Algol Paradox” provides the perfect analogy with a closely guarded secret of our occult hyper-khemistry.