May 7, 2016

By Blair Blake

So, you’re not happy with your with life… feel like you’re going nowhere… Or, maybe you’re not in the “re-evaluate my life” mode, but just have some extra time on your hands and want to pursue a hobby? ¬†Sure, you could start collecting Romanian toilet seat art, or run away with a traveling circus as a flaming hula hoop specialist. OR… you could learn how to play tabla. Granted, it’s not an easy instrument to learn… They’re not just Bengali bongos to pound your hands on while at the beach… So you’re going to need a great teacher. One who occasionally drinks too much Scotch! Well… as fortune would have it, tabla master ALOKE DUTTA currently has openings for NEW STUDENTS who want to study tabla and/or Rhythm Concept. So, unless you really want to feed poop to circus elephants or start collecting old British lawnmowers, you might want to contact ALOKE. He taught DANNY how to play tabla, and other former students include TERRY BOZZIO and PAT MASTELOTTO.