March 30, 2020

By Blair Blake

Now that you’ve mastered the correct way to block a sneeze, for those of you going stir crazy… or even if you’re adjusting well to more time at home, I’d like to recommend  a visit to the DailyGrail website (www.dailygrail.com).  There you will find lots of fascinating news briefs and articles about things on the planet that you otherwise might not be familiar with – everything from high strangeness to advances in science to all those crazy conspiracy theories that plague the Net.  The writers for the DG are level headed (which is refreshing these days) and really know their stuff when it comes to curiosities on this pale blue dot that we all share…  as well as those occurring in the vast stretches of both outer and inner space. If you enjoy the site’s content, consider becoming a patreon (https://www.patreon.com/dailygrail) or purchasing a book or two (maybe some of the DARKLORE anthologies brimming with borderland phenomena!) from Dailygrail publishing to help keep the site up and running.