June 23, 2023

By Blair Blake

There is a great video interview with ADAM GORIGHTLY, author of the book, “SAUCERS, SPOOKS & KOOKS: UFO DISINFORMATION IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS” on the DAILY GRAIL website (with hosts GREG TAYLOR and MIGUEL ROMERO). The conversation centers around the similarities between the more recent whistleblowers of the government’s knowledge and possession of crashed non-human vehicles and pilots with that of the disinformation agents in the past – namely the murky “aviary” of spooks from the 1980s UFO ‘disclosures.’ Among other things discussed is whether or not the current revelations of people like David Grusch, Robert Bigelow, Gary Nolan and Dr. Eric Davis (of the Admiral Wilson memo) represent a soft launch of genuine insider knowledge on the UFO (UAP) phenomenon, or are merely the latest conduit (wittingly of unwittingly) of false and misleading information by those employing similar tactics – a fresh coat of paint, if you will – regarding the dissemination of secret documents by pentagon darksiders of the past? Topics include a sober, eye-opening examination of the MJ-12 papers, cattle mutes, the underground facility at Dulce, the Bennewitz affair, Bob Lazar and lots of other high strangeness that may or may not have any basis in reality other than a covert agenda by those lurking in the shadows.

UFO whistleblowers and disinformation agents: an interview with Adam Gorightly