October 17, 2017

By Blair Blake


Just when you think that there’s nothing new under the sun (perhaps I should say, nothing new to those who haven’t yet lifted the veil of maya), along comes the latest incarnation of one of my favorite websites. Yep, the DAILY GRAIL (www.dailygrail.com) has a new look.   Being more mobile-device friendly (along with navigation tweaks, etc), users of the site can now easier enjoy what the Grail serves up.

Owner Greg Taylor and his talented contributors do an incredible job of scouring a variety of news outlets (both the mainstream and the more obscure publications) to pass along items of interest that might otherwise go unnoticed (in true Fortean fashion). They also publish timely and thought-provoking articles on a host of subjects – everything from high strangeness to cutting edge science to social issues that influence our pale blue dot (and maybe things beyond the current limits of human perception). The unique cornucopia of information provided on a daily basis is presented in an even-handed manner in the hope that readers will draw their own conclusions and share them with others. One thing to keep in mind though: Being that the Daily Grail is an independent site, their resources are stretched considerably. Therefore, users who enjoy what Greg and his contributors generously offer might consider becoming Patreon Backers for as little as one dollar a month – a bargain on this aqueous gem in the cosmos, I think you will agree.