DANNY is shown here checking out the legendary 1973 CARL PALMER custom made stainless steel drum set as featured on the ELP albums, “Brain Salad Surgery”, “Welcome Back My Friends” and “Works.”  With its VERY heavy steel shells embellished with highly-detailed relief of personalized woodland scenes, the kit (total weight being two and a half tons!) recently sold at the Ringo Starr/Barbara Bach auction at Julien’s in Beverly Hills for $75,000. (Symphonic gongs and church bell not included, although some of Palmer’s ELP road cases were.)  Although the ornate engravings and custom hardware was cool to see up close, with the set lacking its original electronic features (the synthesizer percussion effects heard on “Toccata.”), the hefty $75,000 price tag was slightly more than Danny wanted to spend… at the time!  As I’m sure others will agree, the kit really belongs in a museum.