Danny’s drum altar burst into flames the other night after he finished tracking one of the tunes for the new TOOL ALBUM.  This occurred while he was listening to the playback and contemplating if this should be the KEEPER TRACK or if he should try one more take.  After smelling acrid fumes coming from the adjoining room, he rushed to check it out and realized that his drum altar was ablaze.   The smallfire2 fire was quickly extinguished,  but not before the Egyptian  tutelary deity HORUS suffered minor damage.  The falcon-headed one was carefully transported to the ER where it was administered doses of super glue and later released.  Afterwards it was decided that the track in question would be a keeper.   I’m also happy to report that Horus (with the good ear!) is now back on the altar where he continues to provide supportfire3“as only he can.” (to quote Danny.)  studiofire1