September 7, 2014

By Blair Blake


It’s been nearly a year in the making, but I am finally quite pleased to announce the much anticipated release of the eighth installment of the anthology series entitled “DARKLORE.”  As with the previous seven issues by Dailygrail Publishing, DARKLORE VOLUME 8 is a treasury of hidden history, fringe science, esoterica, ufology, and general Forteana.  With articles running the gamut from post-death consciousness to pre-deluge extraterrestrial colonists, there is something in the latest journal for all who are interested in the “strange dimensions veiled by consensus reality.” And as with the other seven volumes, DARKLORE 8 is available in both an affordable soft cover and limited edition hardcover version.

Honored to once again be a contributing author, this time around I (Blair MacKenzie Blake) wrote about “The Shaver Mystery” craze of the mid-1940s.  First appearing in the pulp sci-fi magazine “Amazing Stories” (March, 1945), the Shaver Mystery quickly became a publishing sensation that many researchers today recognize to be the forerunner of more modern accounts involving “X-File” type phenomena. This includes an otherworldly intelligence that both created and controls humankind from their subterranean realm, as recounted by an ex-factory worker-turned Depression-era drifter named Richard Shaver. In a series of bizarre ramblings often involving seemingly techo-erotic obsessions, Shaver claimed to have witnessed first hand alien machinery of unfathomable complexity hidden deep inside a system of caverns where they continue to be focused on an unsuspecting surface world by a race of malevolent entities. Was Shaver truly the victim of degenerate beings operating alien technology abandoned millennia ago by the Elder gods, or was he in reality a paranoid schizophrenic confined to a mental hospital where he was subjected to crude electroshock therapy? Or, will time reveal him to be a futant with extraordinary powers of imagination, who left behind a dire warning to future man about the potential danger of certain advanced technological achievements?

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