September 4, 2016

By Blair Blake


It’s taken a bit longer than was originally expected, but DARKLORE VOLUME 9 (DailyGrail Publishing) is finally available. As with the previous 8 installations of the anthology series, the much-anticipated Volume 9 is filled with high strangeness that is sure to challenge consensus reality. Although the overriding theme would appear to be magic(k), there are other dark topics of interest, including Discordianism, shamanic plants, archetypal beasts, and electrophonic sound phenomena in the history of meteor research.

The authors of this latest treasury of borderland phenomena, hidden history, and Fortean encounters are Robert M. Schoch, Mike Jay, Paul Devereux, Blair MacKenzie Blake, Adam Gorightly, Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent, John Reppion, Greg Taylor, and more. “More”, in this case, means… the great ALAN MOORE… author of “Watchmen”, “V FOR VENDETTA”, “FROM HELL”, and “THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.” His Darklore article, “FOSSIL ANGELS: Re-Inventing the Arte of Magick as the Magic of Art” alone makes for one hell of a read!

For volume 9, my contribution is entitled, “OPENING GRIMOIRES: OCCULT PHYSIOLOGY OF GOETIC THEURGY”, being a reinterpretation of the notorious grimoires of old, with suggestions that evocation technology and perplexing occult window dressing in the black books of magic hint at the arcane cartography of an anatomical treasure.

The book is available in both a very affordable soft cover and in a collectible hard cover format.