May 12, 2023

By Blair Blake

For anyone that might be interested, a heads-up that there are only a dozen or so copies of the ‘der0-haunted’ first soft cover issue of my novel entitled “THE PARAGON JUNK” remaining on Amazon.  Once these are gone, the revised batch will be made available.  As for the 1st ‘haunted-edition’, back in June 1947, the editor for Amazing Stories, Ray Palmer, claimed that the malignant dero had used their ‘ray’-science to “tamper” with the All-Shaver edition of the pulp magazine. Not only was the publication “fraught with difficulties”, but it contained bizarre (typographical) errors “the likes of which he’d never seen.”  “Poppycock”, many said, concluding that blaming the deros’ mysterious influencing mech was merely a clever marketing ploy by Amazing Stories wily editor. I was inclined to agree with them until, seemingly, such tampering  has happened again in a story involving the strange subterranean race.