August 8, 2014

By Blair Blake


I am honored to announce the release of “EMERGE”, a new album by the L.A. based band, STURGEON.  As with the band’s previous record, “The Darker Sequence”, “EMERGE” is a sonically powerful offering of aggressive guitars with progressive tendencies (featuring non-traditional tunings, odd time signatures, and ambient segues), all of which is guided by vocals that push the envelope of a six-octave range, delivering (at times) sublimely dark lyrics that evoke the transformative quality of the afflicted mirror concept.  Although not strictly a concept album, there is (coincidently?) a discernible connection between the music, lyrics, and contents of a mysterious (not to mention, deeply esoteric) diary that was recently discovered hidden inside an antique piece of furniture – certain entries of which having been faithfully reproduced in a glossy BOOKLET inserted into the CD packaging.  Adding to the high strangeness, one should keep in mind that both the lyrics (and music) for “Emerge” were written prior to the discovery of the secreted away personal journal.

(Taken from the booklet included in the “Emerge” album)

“The diary entries are reproduced from a personal journal recently discovered inside the hidden compartment of a vintage secretary desk that was purchased at an antique and collectibles show in Gaithersburg, MD. Numerous attempts were made to locate the diarist, including phone directories, public record search engines, property databases, etc., all of which failed to find any trace of a Ms. Verity Pennington (believed to be the name of the diarist), other than a fictional character listed on an internet role-playing forum.  An exhaustive search for the woman’s uncle (including obituaries) also proved to be fruitless, leading one to believe that the record of experiences in the diary is most likely fictional, although it is possible that this is not the case.  The “Masonic cemetery” with its peculiar funerary ‘graffiti’ also could not be located despite several searches in the area mentioned. After a final unsuccessful effort to track down any of those concerned, owing to the bizarre nature of certain entries written over a six-month period, the diary was placed on an online auction for someone with an interest in these matters.”

(A Brief Description of the Diary Entries)
Blair MacKenzie Blake

As for the diary entities themselves, they contain esoteric themes similar to those found in my book, IJYNX, (as well as in my other works) concerning the use of occult hyper-chemistry (Khemistery) as a portal to an intersecting parallel reality.  However, rather than focusing on the stimulation and release of certain endogenously produced substances, the entries in the journal concern a post-mortem residue, with “The Grand Dreaming” being facilitated by a mysterious phenomenon known as “The Vapor of the Bones.”

Together, the diary entries comprise a process of initiation in which “Verity” (the diarist) is encouraged by her enigmatic uncle to discover the principle of proportionality in a particular mathematical puzzle contained in the surviving 1792 almanac/journal of the African-American colonial farmer/astronomer, Benjamin Banneker.  This riddle, itself, is based on the “Rhind Mathematical Papyrus” that was discovered in Thebes (Egypt) in 1858, which was copied from an ancient secret treatise dating back to the time of the physician Imhotep in 2650 B.C.

After passing the test of some non sequiturs or red herrings concerning astronomical peculiarities associated with the African Dogon tribe (one royal member possibly having been an ancestor of Banneker?) that were intended to mislead anyone else attempting to use this secret physiological knowledge to access the complex interface of this hidden luminosity without any escorting constructs (i.e. those that inhabit this hyper-space) – Verity correctly determines for herself that the correct answer to the mathematical riddle is NOT the solution needed to obtain the treasured “Cadaver Caviar”, although the same can not be said for another seeking this trick (albeit, amazing trick) of human neuro-chemistry.  But if you haven’t any interest in the profound secrets of Egyptian Freemasonry, including the jewel of divine antropophagy, in a photograph of the actual diary itself, there is a recipe for what I would imagine to be pretty good crab bisque.  Seriously…