June 6, 2022

By Blair Blake

Incorporating a magical vocabulary and nightside symbolism, IJYNX is a unique collection of occult prose-poems by an author who has been studying, experimenting, and writing about the western esoteric tradition for over twenty years. While some of the mystical verses attempt to convey ritually-machined hyperdimensions of consciousness (including encounters with the transmundane entities that inhabit these parallel continua), others contain, rather inexplicably, detailed knowledge of a higher Arcanum involving the alchemical entelechy of the dead. And still others challenge even the author’s initiated interpretation of things perceived in the ontological spectrum of a ‘Magizoth’, other than to suggest, upon a closer examination of the cryptic word play, that they are anti-apotropaic in nature, and offer, at the very least, rare fleeting glimpses of the Grand Dreaming of a Treasured Eye.

“… glittering word play… dazzling in their jeweled splendour. The sheer torrent of brilliance suggests to me a cascade, arrested, carved in rock-hard and unyielding prose…”

                                                                               KENNETH GRANT