January 20, 2022

By Blair Blake

Introducing “Infossilized,” a limited-edition NFT collaboration featuring new music from MTvoid (Justin Chancellor and Peter Mohamed) mastered by Bob Ludwig, haikus from Justin and visionary artwork from Armenian sculptor @vahan_bego. Two of the NFTs (“Death Survives” and “Concentration”) contain music from the duo’s forthcoming album, Matter’s Knot (release date TBA).
“Infossilized” includes:
– Three 1-of-1 NFT auctions (“All God’s Glory”, “Death Survives” and “OTIS”)
– Two limited-edition 1-of-10 NFT sales (“Concentration” and “Magmaficent”
– One limited-edition 1-of-15 NFT sales of a print/static image (no audio/no effects) of a collage featuring all five pieces of art
Winners of the 1-of-1 auctions and buyers of the limited-edition offerings will receive a book signed by Vahan, Justin and Peter that features images from the “Infossilized” collection with corresponding poems written byJustin.
For further details, and to bid/purchase, please visit: