September 22, 2016

By Blair Blake

On this Autumnal Equinox, we are pleased to introduce DANNY’s new tee-shirt!


The esoteric geometry of “Pheonistic Continuum” hints at the ritualized activation of certain veves of Voudon Gnosticism. By employing the secrets of vudotronics (via ontic broadcasting and nightside presentations), the operator’s magickcal circuitry is thereby able to receive outpourings of ultra-mauve radiations and impressions from beyond the hyper-spatial gateway of Daath, which is the physiological interface with the Zothyrian Format. This occult hyper-chemistry involving the science of amplified vudotronics is used to detect and investigate realms of abstract essences in the magickal imagination (i.e. Daathian gnosis.)

Inspired, in part, by the research and teachings of the highly controversial Michael Bertiaux concerning the dark mysteries of the “La Couleuvre Noire” papers and ‘secret’ techniques for developing magickal machines as described in the underground occult classic “The Voudon Gnostic Workbook”, the tee’s graphics suggest inter-dimensional “voltigeurs” who engage in traffic with the denizens beyond the pylon of Daath by employing a highly-energized “mirroir-fantastique.” (Note: As a caveat to any would-be experimenters, we have added to the design a D.C. sigil using letters from the Voodoo alphabet, which should be mentally eliminated in the synthesis of the [E]Legba – Danbe veves.)