March 7, 2016

By Blair Blake

As ‘luck’ would have it, the very first NBA game attended by Danny’s son, ZOLA, was not only a victory for the home team L.A. Lakers, but was a historic upset that even set a regular-season NBA record involving a team with the lowest winning percentage (Lakers with 51 losses) defeating a team with the highest winning percentage (Warriors with 55 wins). ¬†With his uncanny powers of concentration (i.e. mojo), the little tike put the kibosh on Steph Curry (No, it wasn’t the new Kobe-themed socks worn by many Lakers players that caused the Golden State star to miss so many three-pointers), resulting in coupons for two free Jack-In-The-Box tacos for everyone at the Staples Center! How’s that for one’s first ever NBA game! Danny might want to think about taking Zolazolalakers to some of the upcoming Kansas Jayhawks March Madness tournament games, even though they don’t give away free tacos for victories.