December 20, 2014

By Blair Blake


Sought after by Fortean enthusiasts, ufo buffs, and serious-minded researchers, for many years it has only been available as a rare collectible displayed in the glass bookcases of those with deep pockets. With that in mind, I am excited to announce that DailyGrail Publishing has just reissued “PASSPORT TO MAGONIA: FROM FOLKLORE TO FLYING SAUCERS” – the highly influential work by computer scientist, former astronomer and world-renowned ufologist, Jacques Vallee.

Long considered to be a classic in the field, when originally published in 1969, the ideas presented in Vallee’s pioneering work startled much of the UFO community by suggesting a multidimensional component to the high strangeness, thereby offering a radical shift in the way one might interpret the mystery, especially to those exploring a purely technological, interstellar visitor explanation. In examining and analyzing the eye-witness reports of otherworldly encounters by widely-diverse cultures throughout history – those interpreted in different ways according to the prevailing beliefs of the time – Vallee’s comparative approach revealed a consistent pattern with regards to the behavior of these non-human beings. With each turn of the page, the myths and legends of angels, demons, incubi and fairies were shown to contain many similarities with contemporary accounts involving UFO occupants. As Vallee masterfully demonstrates, examples of these commonalities include comparisons with the dazzlingly luminous carriages descending from cloudland with modern sightings of plasma-wrapped antigravitic aeroforms. What centuries ago were thought to be fairy-rings might in the 1950s be identified as saucer landing traces. Even more disconcerting, the carrying off of humans by diminutive creatures, with time distortion effects and lurid sexual episodes with the incubi-apparitions that share many of the bizarre features now reported globally by alleged abductees of extraterrestrial entities. The list goes on and on, and truly gives one pause to wonder from where exactly do the enigmatic constructs orchestrating the phenomena originate?

However, even with the undeniable similarities between ancient and modern encounters with the unknown, what readers of PASSPORT TO MAGONIA might find to be the most fascinating aspect of the book is the possible significance of the experience itself – in particular the serious implications involving the manipulation of human thought over centuries. To quote from the 1993 re-issue of the book, “Beneath the superficial differences there is a fundamental similarity of experience that can only lead us to breathtaking concerns.”

In the decades since PASSPORT TO MAGONIA was first published there have been many imitations, but none with the critical thinking and provocative nature of Vallee’s exhaustive study. The reprint by DailyGrail Publishing also contains the appendix of the original – being a compilation of a century of well-documented accounts of apparent human and non-human interaction.