December 5, 2021

By Blair Blake

Click the link for info about possibly winning a signed copy of Jacques Vallee’s limited edition anniversary version of “Passport to Magonia.”

From Greg’s earlier DAILYGRAIL post:

“Jacques Vallee’s seminal 1969 book Passport to Magonia: From folklore to flying saucers is one of the most influential books on UFOs ever written, and continues to be cited by many in discussions about the phenonenon some five decades after it was written.

Given the esteem the book is held in by many in the field, in 2019 I talked to Jacques about the possibility of releasing a limited edition hardcover to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its original publication (and Jacques’ 80th birthday as well), and he was enthusiastic about the idea. We asked Professor Jeffrey Kripal if he would write a foreword for the limited edition, which he said he would be honoured to do.

The limited edition features a numbered bookplate signed by Jacques Vallee himself, the new foreword from Jeff Kripal, and a slightly redesigned cover that now displays the entirety of the original image that was cropped for use in our 2014 reprint (showing the the alien with masks itself as a ‘finger puppet’ itself controlled by something else).

If you missed out on ever getting a first edition of the original Passport to Magonia, this will be the next best thing…”

“In his exhaustive study, the eminent researcher added a new twist to ufology – namely that the phenomena might involve other dimensions or realities that exist side-by-side with our own.  Documenting the common features present in the strange visitations from the past with the experiences and encounters with ‘aliens’ in modern sightings (with the early accounts usually dismissed as myths and legends of our superstitious ancestors), the hypothesis presented is that the inter-dimensional  intelligence manifesting itself  to humankind over vast periods of time has inspired and shaped valuable cultural events and pursuits since remote antiquity and still continues to do so.”

                                                                                                                              BLAIR MacKENZIE BLAKE