September 8, 2020

By Blair Blake

“Sometime Tool synth builder, Peter Grenader, along with Steve Roach and Miles Richmond have released POV2 : The Case For Square Waves While Searching For Happy Accidents, on the TImeroom Direct label.

Peter Grenader, Steve Roach and Miles Richmond have ushered a new departure from their first release, returning to their Westcoast minimalist roots while testing a wide pallet of sonic possibilities – from ethereal timbral pastures to biting, hard hitting fury.

The thrust of POV was to sculpt a multi-timbral sonic landscape forged from a confluence of sound sources. The sonic food chain began from a core of electric and processed guitar via a modular synthesizer equipped with both standard and granular sampling capability. The infusions of flute and acoustic piano are on tap for further boundary pushing as are a few essential analog synths both virtual and vintage. Ultimately it’s about the music itself, the point of view provided here is yours to experience, open to a myriad of interpretations. “