August 14, 2022

By Blair Blake

“We lost a dear friend a few days back & the world lost an incredibly intelligent, compassionate, gifted, unique artist. 💛 Morgan Taylor was our beloved friend and most of you have seen him in our backyard performing his Nilsson -Neil Young like inventive pop odyssey tunes starring a yellow raisin hating, eel lovin’ space alien of his likeness named Gustafer Yellowgold. The story begins with the birth of our first son Zola. I searched for good kids music but shortly the echos of Raffi, Burl Ives & doc Watson’s little pickers exhausted & I was on the hunt finding Childrens Music of today a barren landscape. I did a google search for “Intelligent Children’s Music” & an article in the NY times popped up about a man named Morgan Taylor (i.e., aliens, psychedelic, midwest metal head) Immediately I downloaded A Sock Runs Through It and the rest… well if you know me well enough, you know I’ll find you if I need to find you….He’s been a longtime friend ever since. Our hearts go out to Rachel & his two boys Harvey & Ridley. Of course his beloved Gustafer will be crying yellow tears along with DC, our boys & the rest of my family 💛💛💛 hopefully he’s riding in heaven on his Hot Malt Eagle 💛 he def deserves a happy place to land 💛 Rest in Peace Morgan 💛
with love the Carey’s. If anyone would like to donate i’ll post link in Bio.”


Rynne Stump

((photo by @melhummel ))