April 14, 2018

By Blair Blake

lateralusSad news today with the passing of radio host ART BELL. Many Tool fans will recall the band using a clip from Art’s Coast to Coast AM on the LATERALUS CD TRACK “FAAIP DE OIAD.” This was the hysterical AREA 51 caller that warned about an impending disaster. Coincidently, the call was placed on SEPTEMBER 11, 1997, but before he could finish with his warning the show was knocked off the air by a “satellite outage.” DANNY and I (BMB) were invited to go on the show to talk about the ‘secret’ base and the story behind “Faaip” but this was cancelled due to personal problems involving Art’s family and, sadly, never got rescheduled for various reasons. Those who are interested can read more about this in the archived Tool newsletters (once they are re-posted on the site), and in an essay written by Greg Taylor for the book DARKLORE, VOLUME II (Daily Grail Publishing). Art was certainly great at what he did, and made the 1990s a lot more exciting for many of us with his “spooky radio” broadcasts.