March 8, 2021

By Blair Blake

Daily Grail Publishing has just released a fascinating gem entitled, “SAUCERS, SPOOKS AND KOOKS” (UFO DISINFORMATION IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS) by ADAM GORIGHTLY. In his latest work, the self-described “crackpot historian” chronicles the various techniques used by alphabet-soup assets to further obfuscate the already nebulous world of ufology, either as a means of suppression or to advance a particular agenda. Along with the counter measures employed by members of the intelligence community, the book also examines the collateral psychological damage experienced by the targets of these operations.

Beginning with the debunking of early reports of crashed saucers by a series of clever press releases designed to draw attention away from that which the government truly needed to conceal, the cloak and dagger activities of the late 1940s are followed by the promoting of the contactee movement in the 50s. In the so-called “golden age” of flying saucers, a cast of colorful characters were encouraged to spread glittering sermons about the concerns our benevolent space brothers had at the advent of the atomic age, until being silenced by those dressed in black. (And it’s a safe bet Russian actors also had a hand in scripting these lectures against dropping the baddie.) With their trickery in place, page after page we are taken deeper into the murky world of ufological espionage, where subterfuge is used to both gather intel and deter those who get too close to the truth. Before concluding with what many believe to be a cosmic Watergate, the author questions the motives behind the latest internet disclosures involving alien technology disseminated via DOD conduits and suggests this might be part and parcel of a repeated pattern using the same deceptive ploys linked to the original flying saucer reports.

As we meander through the disinfo maze, we are confronted by the masters of muddle: the skilled handlers of UFO ‘whistle-blowers’, shadowy figures lurking behind the scenes of surveillance and infiltration of civilian researchers, intentionally leaked forged classified documents, covert operations involving psychological warfare tactics designed to shield clandestine programs, and the myths perpetuated by unsuspecting government shills (unless, of course, such cosmic falsehoods are beamed to us from the cavern world as in some nefarious Shaveresque scenario).

At each turn in the this hall of mirrors, Gorightly unmasks the major players in the game of confusion – from the disinformation campaign unwittingly carried out by the aforementioned contactee kooks, to the hands behind the bogus ‘eyes-only’ Aquarius document and “aviary” of spooks complicit with the Majestic-12 UFO working group. As we continue along in this labyrinth of deceit, revealed are the seemingly ordinary people that helped to create the dark Dulce myth, in which a joint alien-military program was allegedly established to conduct nightmarish genetic experiments in the labs of an ultra-secret underground installation.

Bob Lazar and Area 51 are also included in the psyops mischief, as is the SERPO human-alien exchange program, remote viewing shenanigans, and modern cabal of aerospace bigwigs supposedly in possession of exotic metals manufactured by the galaxy-hopping Reticulans.

As an example for the need for deception by the government darksiders, Gorightly suggests how the bloodless cattle mutilations believed to be the work of aliens with laser scalpels could have a more prosaic explanation in the form of covert operations by black helicopter-dropped para-military units to monitor radiation levels in cattle that resulted from past underground nuclear detonations in the region (just like the blonde luminoids in sparkling jumpsuits warned the saucer-ride boys about with platitudinous orations decades ago!).

Similar chicanery of using smokescreens involving alien activity might be fed to ufologists in order to cover up other environmental contamination that the government doesn’t want on the 6 o’clock news. Safeguards are also needed to keep a lid on advanced experimental military aeroforms while they are being tested. The more far-fetched the witness’s account of the sighting, the easier it is for the spooks at the AFOSI to keep the project under wraps. (Though the military investigators deny that the mysterious object was piloted by gorgeous Pleiadian ufonauts, indeed it actually was claims the mechanized voice during an unexpected phone call.)

As the author points out, if the CIA once orchestrated a sham academic conference to lure Iranian scientists to defect, what length might they go to protect their best kept secrets? (No. I’m not suggesting they have in their possession an intelligently manufactured, non-terrestrial piece of space junk composed of indestructible meta-materials that exploded over the southwest desert). Maybe a blond experiencer claiming that human blood-slurping Reptilian shape-shifting aliens that have infiltrated the Deep State are withholding essential nutrients in baby formula as a prelude to replacing humankind? Or is that just a cover story to discredit the idea that grey extraterrestrial biological entities are resorting to prairie sushi as the remedy for their atrophied digestive systems? You get the idea.

Fringe beliefs aside, while many fabricated UFO disclosures are undoubtedly leaked as part of some government agenda (whether benign or not, that is the real question), as Gorightly suspects, some of the startling revelations whispered to targeted investigators come from the lips of retired agents who miss being the center of attention at UFO conventions, or just want to see if they are still clever enough to dupe the more gullible researchers. With their need to feed, they engender more paranoia as the ever confusing layers of disinfo create further distorted facets of the original untruth that eventually morph into a full-blown conspiracy theory. And these delusions pumped out to the public at large, believing the disclosures came from rogue factions within the intelligence loop, are what the author cautions UFO enthusiast to be wary of chapter after chapter.

Owing to the amount of research that went into the book, not to mention astute observations and sardonic wit (must needed for the subject matter), “SAUCERS, SPOOKS AND KOOKS” deserves to be on the shelf of every UFO library, preferably right next to “The Bennewitz Papers.”

                                                                                                                          Review by Blair MacKenzie Blake

And the eBook is available on your local Kindle store and found easily with a quick search (e.g. Amazon US).

The book looks into a number of the modern mythologies that have come into being since the advent of the UFO era in the 1940s, such as UFO crashes and underground alien bases, asking how much of these myths is real, versus being the invention of either government agencies or deluded conspiracy theorists. It’s a must read in light of the recent buzz about government releases of UFO videos etc.

Saucers, Spooks and Kooks full cover