October 7, 2018

By Blair Blake

scottkScott Kinsey Group
Super Secret Exclusive Surprise Pop-up Show!
“Press Release:
Scott Kinsey, Tim Lefebvre, Gary Novak and Katisse Buckingham team up
to perform a “Super Exclusive Top Secret Surprise Pop-Up Hollywood Super Show”
at a top secret location in Hollywood, October 15th”
Please call or consult the Baked Potato website for information on the location of the top secret super secret show and where it will be held! (Hint:… Do you like delicious huge baked potatoes)? Only the first 130 inquiries will be guaranteed entrance! (65 per set).
Scott Kinsey: Nord Synthesizers
Tim Lefebvre : Atomic Particle Subsonic Harmonic Bass
Gary Novak : Gretsch Drums
Katisse Buckingham : Saxes, Flutes and Bad Rhymes