December 12, 2016

By Blair Blake

Located deep in the recesses of a nondescript building in Los Angeles, the TOOL MERCH VAULT is not exactly a time machine – although it does offer second chances. For the holiday season, MERCH is making available a VERY LIMITED NUMBER (25) of AUTOGRAPHED TOOL CONCERT POSTERS (signed by ALL four band members) representing an assortment of shows and dates both in the U.S. and abroad. Most of these posters feature original artwork by ADAM JONES and, therefore, are much sought after by collectors.  So, if you weren’t able to obtain one when they were originally available, here’s your second chance.  However, act fast as there might not be a third opportunity. The 25 posters (mostly from 2010) are priced in the $150 – $175 range, and there are 2 from the two L.A. shows that can be fitted together to form a whole – thus making for an excited collector!