February 8, 2021

By Blair Blake

‘In all my years I cannot recall witnessing video as palpably erotic as the long montage of bodies coalescing into one giant body for Orpheus; and the editing for the closing dance is the best job I’ve seen capturing what must have been a truly visceral experience for those filmed’
-Giles Edwards,

“Since its mid-Dec 2020 release, my first feature has been well-received, garnering Awards in 4 international film festivals in the first month. Unfortunately due to Corvid none of these have had actual screening events, but since then it has also become a finalist in the Mont Blanc Festival which does plan to have a physical screening in Paris later this year, restrictions permitting…

The main purpose of this missive is to let you all know that the film is soon to be cut down a little. I am not a great believer in censorship and it will remain a distinctly erotic work/play -it has to be to even make sense!
But a few elements that are non-essential to the story or concepts will be removed to make it eligible for more festivals etc. Some scenes will also be shortened somewhat, as I’ve come to realize 1hr 50m is maybe a bit much for many modern attention spans.  So if you do want to watch the original uncut version,you have until Feb 7th to stream it here:

The DVD that comes with the limited book (222 copies only -approx. 90 remaining) will also be the original uncut version. Pre-orders here:

There are also plans abreast for a Melbourne screening (also launching the limited Book) with some live elements, and another in the Castlemaine Fringe Festival (tbc), both in March and I hope to send another email with details quite soon… Thank you”

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule