July 19, 2023

By Blair Blake


(NOTE: For a “strictly rationalistic” explanation of ceremonial magic, see Aleister Crowley’s “Initiated interpretation” in the Goetia, where he equates its catalogue of spirits with regions of the human brain, along with certain methods for stimulating those particular neurological zones.)

“ASTAROTH” is part of Danny’s grimoire tee series, with the design based on illustrations from the notorious GRIMORIUM VERUM, which the occultist Arthur Edward Waite called an “undisguised handbook” of black magic, and in which certain of The Most Approved Keys have been heavily borrowed from the LEMEGATON(better known as the Clavicula Salomonis or Key of Solomon, and to some extent Le dragon rouge).  The tee features “The Green Butterfly” ascending from its cocoon sigil of Astaroth, but remains silent on the manner in which to attract and seize Du Papillon Vert ( or that, you’ll need to consult the highly-sought after and jealously guarded * French edition of the Grimorium Verum by Simon Blocquel).  Needless to say, one should wear the tee responsibly and in moderation.