August 5, 2023

By Blair Blake


The design features diagrams of both the magic circle and triangle of Solomon as shown in Aleister Crowley’s translation of an ancient grimoire. The triangle served as a spirit trap for the legendary king to attract and capture Djinn. In a letter sent by Crowley to Kenneth Grant, he mentions an “initiated interpretation” of ceremonial magic that is notably rationalistic. This explanation supposes that the process of “evocation” involved with Goetic Summons stimulates and activates specific sections of human neural circuitry (regions of the brain) that are responsible for acquiring knowledge of diverse subjects as well as for learning and mastering particular skills. The sigil ‘chosen’ for the new tee is that of PAIMON, who teaches the “arts and Sciences, and other secret things.”


“ASTAROTH” is the latest edition to Danny’s grimoire tee series, with the design based on illustrations from the notorious GRIMORIUM VERUM, which the occultist Arthur Edward Waite called an “undisguised handbook” of black magic, and in which certain of The Most Approved Keys have been heavily borrowed from the LEMEGATON(better known as the Clavicula Salomonis or Key of Solomon, and to some extent Le dragon rouge).  The tee features “The Green Butterfly” ascending from its cocoon sigil of Astaroth, but remains silent on the manner in which to attract and seize Du Papillon Vert ( or that, you’ll need to consult the highly-sought after and jealously guarded  French edition of the Grimorium Verum by Simon Blocquel).  Needless to say, one should wear the tee responsibly and in moderation.


The tee design features the elemental spirit that governs the Air Tablet, as well as being one of the master keys in esoteric thought to vibrate from the Black Cross of the Great Table.  As one of the Enochian forces, this unique tool also appears on D.C.’s talismanic boards, themselves ensigiled magical engines, whose occult diagrams (principles) are employed for creative purposes.  In addition, the new EXARP design includes a ‘parasemiotic’ symbol in the Alphabet of Daggers.