December 19, 2023

By Blair Blake

So, here’s the skinny on the Star of Bethlehem. We don’t need to except that this WANDERING STAR was a supernova, planetary conjunction, comet, alien spacecraft, artificial ‘miracle’ projected by those in Salomon’s House (a university in Bensalem), or other shenanigans by the Simulators. It may have been an astronomical event – one that aficionados of the Rennes-le-Chateau affair should be aware of. Briefly, here it is as written in my first novel entitled “THE OTHERING” (by Blair MacKenzie Blake), which is available on AMAZON and other online booksellers. Okay, with that out of the way, here’s what my character (named Kelby) had to say back in the early 1970s in the small Illinois town of Mfkzt (pronounced Moof-kooz-tee).

“Was that why the Magi – from which the word magic is derived – had come to witness this Virgin Birth? And what about the so-called Star of Bethlehem? Why couldn’t King Herod see this celestial beacon that the three Wise Men had followed? Let me share with you a little known astronomical… fact. In five phase cycles – that is – over an eight-year period, Venus, on its clockwork course, traces an enormous pentagram in the zodiac. That’s right – that persistent irritant to the church – a little irregular, perhaps – but still a fully formed pentagram. The points are defined during an inferior conjunction, meaning when Venus – the bright morning and evening star that Jesus identified with – is hidden… or occulted by the sun as observed from the earth. That’s why King Herod couldn’t see the Christmas star. He wasn’t initiated into the invisible college that the Magi were. Wasn’t privy to the secrets and symbols of the advanced science that they preserved.”


THE WANDERING STAR (planet VENUS was equated with a GODDESS by many ancient people.)