August 14, 2023

By Blair Blake

THINK DIFFERENTLY – THE “PSILICON VALLEY” tee shirt illustrates the connection between the 1960s’ counter-culture psychonauts and today’s ‘Psilicon’ Valley technologists, some of which are allegedly still using the neurological amplification of psychoactive substances to improve creativity and inspire new I.T. developments. Hence, the iconic “Apple” motif is replaced by a psilocybin mushroom. THINK DIFFERENTLY contains a message for larval moralists about how the energy released (multi-level exposure) by the visionary experiences of the pioneers of cyberspace played a substantive role in the computer revolution.




Launched into fractal dimensions at irrelevant speed; interactions with entities of dazzling neural-galaxies, Danny’s new tee design pays homage to the intrepid psychonauts of the ENTHEOGENERATION, those who explore the mostly uncharted regions of inner space when propelled by shamanic botanicals.