As the seemingly malefic (or mischievous) “Demon of Dispersion” and “Dweller on the Threshold” in Enochian and Thelemic maic, CHORONZOM (333) is considered to be the final obstacle between the aspirant and the enlightenment received upon reaching the supernal triad beyond the lower qabalistic spheres. Therefore, in the occult symbolism depicted, “The Guardian of the Abyss” represents individual self-perfection that is achieved by a physical transmutation (i.e. the perfect digestion of alchemical gold). For those endowed with oxyopia – or as seen with an altered perception, Choronzom hints at an endogenous mystification involving the death-born substance of a buried philosophy. The Triple Fire-Tongue of the mortified circle – or self-devouring serpent (uroborus) – becomes the smokeless flame that feasts or burns away a certain membrane that acts as a protective shell in the human anatomy. In order to be redeemed from baseness, Choronzom must be apprehended and transmuted.




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