“BROTHERS COLLATERAL” debut album entitled “CVIII” (recorded and produced in North Hollywood, California by Toshi Kasai) features guest vocals by KING BUZZO (Melvins, Fantomas) and JARED WARREN (Melvins, KARP, Big Business), with additional synth by DANNY CAREY and VINCE DE FRANCO (Rajas), and piano by TOSHI KASAI (Altamont, Big Business).

“This full length album is thick with triumphant guitar harmonies by Erik Trammell (Black Elk) and Kevin Stack (Gorch Fock) and a powerful rhythm section with Win Wallace (Gorch Fock) and Ferdie Cudia (400 Blows).

Side one of the mostly instrumental album features anthemic stadium rock (C-141 Starlifter), groove-heavy metal with the legendary vocals of King Buzzo (J.R. Richard), a proggy mash-up of sorts with part of the UFO song Love To Love highlighted by an emtional vocal performance by Jared Warren and additional piano by Toshi Kasai (The One That Feeds), and more heavy groove metal (The Hand That Bites).

Side two starts off with a nod to classic rock and a title for Butthole Surfer fans to appreciate (King Coffey For Head Of State), an instrumental Scorpions medley of Life’s A River, Living And Dying and Crying Days (Manche Leute Sagen Wir Tun Es Besser) an epic song serving as a tribute to victims of the horrible events in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina (Danziger Bridge Shootings) and finally, a drone piece ala SunnO))) (Green Is The New Red).


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Digital downloads are also available which have extended versions of The Hand That Bites and Green Is The New Red.
CVIII is available digitally