August 12, 2015

By Blair Blake

DCteePVAs with similar themes explored on Danny’s website involving elevating states of consciousness while questioning mainstream paradigms, the “Psilicon Valley” tee shirt (available exclusively at suggests that certain entheogens can be used as a tool to greatly enhance creativity and that, in the 1960s, the psychedelic uprising inspired the computer and I.T. revolution. The graphics are meant to be thought provoking in light of the old materialist perspective and follow in the footsteps of other psychonauts such as Huxley, Leary, and McKenna, who believed that these “plants of the gods” were in part responsible for a quantum leap in human mental development.

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: The psychedelic compound depicted is currently illegal and, as such, we cannot advocate its use. We also accept no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.

THINK DIFFERENTLY – THE “PSILICON VALLEY” tee shirt illustrates the connection between the 1960s’ counter-culture psychonauts and today’s ‘Psilicon’ Valley technologists, some of who are allegedly still using the neurological amplification of psychoactive substances to improve creativity and inspire new I.T. developments. Hence, the iconic “Apple” motif is replaced by a psilocybin mushroom. THINK DIFFERENTLY contains a message for larval moralists about how the energy released (multi-level exposure) by the visionary experiences of the pioneers of cyberspace played a substantive role in the computer revolution.